DEPARTMENT is an annual, private event for creatives working in any medium to present and share new or unfinished work with other creatives. A scratch night of sorts - to test out ideas, play with new kit, bounce shit and keep juices flowing - especially during the quieter months.


“FREE PARTY FLAVA”, means these will be DIY, BYO, wrap-up-warm and get weird (if you wanna) kind of events. That said, the DEPARTMENT team can provide for a variety of big or small tech set-ups and builds (with enough warning and mucking-in) and are up for interesting challenges to that end.


The basic premise:


Register your interest to receive invite & location (If sharing, let us know what. If audience, let us know why.)


Sharing options are:


Present new work / rarely-seen work / work-in-progress (performance, exhibit, screening, presentation, demonstration etc.)




Share something made especially for the session in your chosen artform(s) (DEPARTMENT will provide a theme/prompt in advance for every session.)


DEPARTMENT sessions will take place at a secret location in Bradford, W. YORKS - but we welcome interest from artists anywhere.